Teddy Moon Comfort Dummy Holder- Chai

Teddy Moon Comfort Dummy Holder- Chai

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The Calf & Crew moon comforters are soft and gentle on your baby's tiny hands and help to provide a sense of security and comfort. While also acting as a dummy holder the moon shape also makes it easier for babies to grasp and find their dummies after they fall out. This one comes in a neutral mocha color. These moon comforters have several uses so your little one can:

○      use them as a dummy/pacifier holder

○      use them as a comforter

○      use them as a toy

○      hang them from a play gym or pram

○      learn new textures

However, be sure to remove it from their grasp once your baby is asleep and place it outside of their sleeping area.

Material: 100% Polyester Moon with 100% Cotton Ribbon.

Size: 11cm x 10cm x 2cm (Moon) & 14cm (Ribbon) approximately.

Care Instructions: Gentle machine wash and dry laying flat.