KiddiKutter- Dusty Pink

KiddiKutter- Dusty Pink

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In today’s modern world, promoting a healthy diet amongst children is more important than ever. One of the best places to spark your little one’s imagination is by letting them join you in the kitchen. As a parent or carer, it’s natural to worry about sharp tools. These KiddiKutter knives are going to change that!

How it Works

KiddiKutter features a child friendly design with bright colours and no sharp edges. Even though there are no sharp edges, your KiddiKutter is able to cut through everything from a tomato to a steak with ease. It’s able to do this by using rounded teeth and an easy sawing motion.

This makes it very easy for your budding chefs to make their own lunches and creations whenever they like without worrying about accidents.

  • Safe knife for children. 
  • Cool and bright colours. 
  • BPA free and food safe.

Blade length: 9cm, Handle length: 9cm, Total length: 18cm

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

Note: Made in Australia.